You can find all the blogs and pages I read bellow. This section is frequently updated, so if you have a suggestion, you want me to include your blog, or your favourite blog, just leave a comment here, or message me an Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or whereever.

(These are just the english blogs; in the hungarian version this section contains a bunch of hungarian goth blogs also. So if you happen to speak Hungarian, please click the flag at the right top of the screen to browse hungarian blogs too!.)




Goth it Yourself! – title says it all!

The everyday goth – everyday life of a peculiar goth lady

Vulcan Butterfly – goth long and prosper (\//,)

Bones and Lilies – strange side of fashion

Coffin Kitsch – music, thrifting and the ’80s

Black Widow Sanctuary – where you can stretch your weary spider legs

Gothy two shoes – life of a weird girl

Cuz I Said Sew – goth sewing blog! (virtual soulmate)

This is CorpGoth – goth in the office

Domesticated Goth – dark culture

Gothic Charm School – empire of Lady of Manners

Sophistique Noir – dark fashion for mature women

Madame Mari Mortem – every day is Halloween

Insomniac’s Attic

The Walrus Room – alt

It’s Black Friday – blog and Youtube-channel

The Haunted Housewife – the real life Morticia

Spooky Little Halloween – if you wish everyday was october 31st




Fangoria – First in fright since 1979

Gothic Beauty Magazine – number one fashion magazine of the dark-alternative – news of everything vampire-ish – fashion and stuff

Last update: 2016.05.03