About me

About me

Hi, my name is Annie, a goth blogger girl from Hungary.


Things worth knowing about Hungary:

[pullquote]…haven’t encountered any vampires. Yet.[/pullquote]

  1. Hungary and Trasylvania both had been the part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1920. So Transylvania (newsflash) is not only a real country (not autonomous ‘though, now it belongs to Romania, also a nice country), but it’s less than 7 hours carride away from my hometown. Children in Hungary frequently visit Transylvania for schooltrips. I’ve been there several times myself, it’s a beautiful place indeed, but haven’t encountered any vampires. Yet.
  2. Bela Lugosi was born in our capital city, Budapest, he also has a statue in the great city park. His typical ‘vampire accent’ is in fact Hungarian accent, so if you heard me speak you would hear my accent is very similar to his. And if you pay attention to the 1931’s Dracula movie, the strange language the locals speak is Hungarian.
  3. Despite having medieval castles, victorian manors and beautiful, mysterious landscapes all over the countryside, our capital looks exactly like Sokovia in the Marvel cinematic universe. Just imagine the contrast between the rural athmosphere heavy with the past and the postapocaliptic-postsoviet cities of concrete straight out of a cyberpunk nightmare!
bela lugosi statue in budapest
This statue is literally five minutes away from my flat


Things worth knowing about me:

  1. Once I was the strange kid from the back row of the classroom, but not anymore. I’m 23 (and counting), having a full-time job and a collage diploma, I’m the editor in chief of the oldest goth magazine in Hungary, and the organiser of the annual National Goth Gathering. I’m the person my 13 years old self wanted to be when growing up.
  2. I’m kind of a patriot, so you will see several articles about hungarian goth scene, music, culture or my country in general. It will be interesting, I promise, since it’s the birthplace of vampire mythology, the black diamond of Eastern-Europe, with a collective subconcious full of historical traumas and repressed anger that gives this country the characteristics of a byronian antihero.
    [pullquote]I’m the Mercutio character – I make people laugh, but still can’t make it to the final act alive.[/pullquote]
  3. I’m the Mercutio character – I make people laugh, but still can’t make it to the final act alive.