Buckled vest for men

Buckled vest for men

I have created this vest for my fiancée to the I. National Goth Con in 2014. This tutorial is for men’s vest, because the sewing pattern lacks the seams for fitting a female chest’s curves; but it can easily be transformed into a female west if you add some additional breast seams.

[pullquote]I have created this vest for my fiancé to the I. National Goth Con in 2014.[/pullquote]

(Note: this was the very first post that I have ever written in my life ever. Originally it was published two blogs ago. It’s not an excuse to it’s quality, I just wanted to tell you.)

The textiles are from a cheap local  textile store, so unfortunately they aren’t the best quality. I’ve started DIY-ing ’cause I’m broke in the first place, but one day I’d love to create this pattern from black and crimson red silk. The black textile here is cotton canvas, and the red fabrik is lining. We’ll need approximately half metre from each.

buckled vest for men tutorial step by step

Finding the perfect sewing pattern is hard, so here I’ll show you the easiest and cheapest way to get nice and fitting pattern. First, you have to take a vest or a tricot that’s fitting the man, and draw it’s outline on the black fabric – that’ll be the back of the vest. Now fold the tricot in half, draw it’s outline on the fabric, and repeat the same inversely, as seen on the picture below – this’ll be the front part of the vest. You have to draw these outlines on the linen fabric also, and cut them.

I warn you: DO NOT use old, blunt scissors that were originally meant to cut paper, that you haven’t used since elementary school; it’ll destroy the fabric rather that cut it. You’d better use tailor scissors, or at least really sharp ones.

2014-07-16 10.22.56

Now we have to sew together the parts. I’ve started with the front parts, I put them together with their right side facing. I sew the lines with a sewing machine, except for the line where it’s connecting to the back part, which means I had to do the neckline and the armhole too. This is the tricky part, because if you sew it together just like that, it’l be puffy after turning it inside out. So to avoid this, we have to cut small triangles from the fabric alongside the neckline and the armholes, as shown below.

2014-07-16 10.57.15

For the next step we have to sew together the neckline and the armhole of the back part, with right side facing. After that turn the front pieces inside out, and tuck it inside the back part (that is still reversed). Now sew the shoulder and side seams together, and some part of the bottom too, leaving olny that much space so we can turn the whole thing inside out again.

After turning it inside out it should look like a vest, just like in this pic down here. We have to finish the bottom line with hand sewing


2014-07-16 12.26.41

This whole turning inside-out-inside-and-out-again happened in order to hide the seams. If you observe cartefully now all the seams are inside the piece, apart from the small line at the bottom.

2014-07-17 23.32.54

The only thing left to do now is the decoration. As the title says, I chose to attach some strapes and buckles on the front, and a single buckle at te back, to fit better.

2014-07-17 23.33.04

Here’s my fiancé wearing the vest, being charming as always.

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